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Space Media Network Inc operates the Online Industry Newsletters used by the Surround The Space methodology.

We are ready to produce your industry newsletter today.

  • First News Service
  • Launched in 1996
  • 130,000 Daily Unique Visitors
  • 800,000 Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 20,000 Daily Email News Subscribers
  • Highly Profitable


  • Coverage for two years
  • Steady growing base
  • Referred to by print media
  • No promotion to date
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  • Recently Launched
  • Peoplesoft, Oracle & SAP news
  • Specific Expansion Plans
  • Print Possibilities
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  • Inhouse News Service
  • Coverage of Volcanos, Tornados and More
  • Focus on Earth Technology
  • Spikes in Users with Mother Nature
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  • Websites
  • One Domain per Brand or Service
  • Focus on 3 minutes
  • Every page is your front door

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