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A Marketing Sensation by
Bradley L. Bartz
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Soft Sell Telemarketing
  • Importance of listening
  • Xdates - applying target dates
  • Touch - Letters - Touch - Sales
  • Marketing to Employees
  • Lunch Discussions
  • Company News
  • Bonuses
  • Marketing to Competitors
  • Who are they?
  • Seek "Joint Ventures"
  • Speeds word of mouth
  • Press Releases
  • Once a fortnight
  • Online and list distribution
  • Play like Microsoft
  • Online Industry Newsletters
  • Branding to Players
  • Branding to Customers
  • Profit Marketing
  • Speeches and White Papers
  • One speech a month
  • Two Meetings a month
  • One White Paper a quarter
  • Industry Events
  • Booth Splash
  • Special Events
  • Anticipation
  • Websites
  • One Domain per Brand or Service
  • Focus on 3 minutes
  • Every page is your front door

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